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Monday, December 29, 2014

From the Beach to the Mountains

Toes in the blogging for quite a while...almost too much has changed to know where to begin...ever been there?  We moved to the country -- Sierra Mountains.  Me, hubby, and three doggies.  Just passed our one year anniversary here.  Love it.  Change is a funny thing though.... it can motivate, encourage and allow us a different perspective.  Life is slower here.  Simpler.  I met someone that told me she loves living here, because there is no dress code.  Coming from a beach community in Orange County, everyone here asks me if it was a good change.  YES!!  And this is just the beginning.

We live in a historic old Gold mining town.  So much history, culture, great food....and look who my neighbors are!  THese babies were born under my house, and this was taken a year, they come back with their mommy almost every day for a visit.  They do enjoy my plants and Spring we will build a fence in the back.  Well, off for now...just wanted to say hello and get started with sharing all that I love about my new town and life.