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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chicken Life

I know that it has become popular to have chickens.  I happen to be a city girl with a farm heart (who will be moving to the country soon…more on that later), but I have managed to have hens the last 15 years.  I guess the first thing you think of are the beautiful, healthy eggs.  And that is true.  Look at the bright orange yolks!  They do taste better too!

 Chickens are really quite social as well.  Here, my eldest, Tessie, has marched in the house and is making herself at home.

 They actually are affectionate too in their own way.  Here is Sophie sitting on my Mother-in-Law's lap at a recent dinner at our home.  This was outside, and Sophie was soon passed around like a newborn.
 And even though it last only a minute….who can resist a baby chick.  They are so sweet. This last photo is of their favorite treats…It is crushed up eggshells (good for their calcium), oatmeal, dried fruit, chopped fruit, soybeans and flax seed.  They love it, next to watermelon rinds.  If you are considering hens, make sure to get at least two.  There are lots of books and magazines now that are helpful.   When I first got mine the only books I could find were on how to raise them to eat.  Now they are pets and family members.  More to come on City Girl moves to the Country in my next post to come soon….it is an adventure I have always wanted to have and now we can!