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Monday, April 22, 2013

My Silly Animals

 What would we do without our furry family?  This is my biggest baby.  Her name is Nina.  She is almost two, and clearly thinks she is still a baby.  We live at the beach and take long walks at the wetlands, which is a wildlife preserve here.
 She want to be a lap doggie so badly.  It takes some effort, but she can do it.  I just can't handle it for very long, but she is my baby...
 Here she is with one of our little ones, Winnie. Nina is definitely the third party in the doggie chain.
                         Is this chair shrinking?  I could have sworn I fit the other day
 Heard barking in the garage….Nina managed to get herself stuck in the bike rack.  Not sure how to back out.  Silly Girl.
Here is my little hen Tess.  Before we adopted two sisters for her.  She is trying to cozy up with our doves in the aviary….She has her own little coop, but she clearly doesn't want to be all by her little self.  
There is never a day that I am not cheered by their shenanigans.  A life without animals wouldn't be nearly as wonderful.

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  1. Oh Karen, she is so SWEET! Now that's a lap dog, teeeheee. What a great post. Thanks for sharing.
    Yes, I don't know what we would do without our companions.. I have two poodles that are the loves of my life.
    take care,


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