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Friday, September 28, 2012

Polished Look

History of cuff link fashion:

In one form of another, the cufflink, or 'sleeve button', has been a part of men's wardrobe's for over a millennium -- with royal families commissioning cufflinks to mark weddings or other special events for centuries and some historians noting the cufflinks' presence in ancient Egyptian paintings. 
But if there's a story to be told about the modern cufflinks and cuff styles prevalent in men's wardrobes today, it should certainly start with a mention of Alexandre Dumas' nineteenth century novel The Count of Monte-Cristo.  Nowhere else in the history of western literature will you find a story wherein the cuff of a man's sleeve receives so much attention, or has had such an affect on 'real-world' menswear. Specifically, fashion legend has it that the turned back, french cuff was born (for all intents and purposes) after french tailors read a description of one particularly pivotal character in the book ('Baron Danglars') -- a man whose presence sparked great envy when onlookers "gazed on the enormous diamond that glittered in his shirt, and the red ribbon that depended from his button-hole". So sumptuous and handsome a description was this, that tailors immediately recognized how outfitting french society with such details could distinguish their clients and add a new chapter to modern man's costume.

I love the polished look of cuff links.  They are becoming one of our favorite fashion accessories at the shop. 
These are our first pair listed, but I assure you, we have many more to list and are so excited to be able share them with you.  Fall is here and long-sleeved every day La-Dee-Da awaits.

These are in the Shop now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Every-Day Life for a Chicken

I have three Hens.  Sophie, Tess and Ruby.  They are a part of our family here at the Beach in Southern Calif.  We all know they lay eggs, poop a LOT.  (Well,  maybe you don't know because of all the blog photos out there showing them in T-cups and settling into some beautiful patio cushions).  What you might not know is how much they love affection.... here is my Sophie letting me hold her like a baby.  She loves having her tummy and feet rubbed.

 And here is Ruby taking a nice dust bath.  It is important to let them sun in an area they don't eat and use the ladies room...some nice, warm, clean dust does the trick every time....they lay on their sides and splash the dirt on each other and themselves...the dirt absorbs the oil to keep them clean.
 This is one of their favorite snacks.  Oatmeal, chopped fruit, dried fruit and their own eggshells crushed and cleaned for calcium....yummy!
 They also want to be invited to the party.  This was Sophie getting all of the attention on my mother in law's lap at a party we had at home recently.  People couldn't believe how calm she was and so content to be held.  She just looked around and chatted like all the other guests.... I love my girls.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Falling into Romantic Style.

When Spring and Summer arrive we automatically think of Linen, Lace, Cool and comfortable clothing to wear to the beach, flea-market shopping, weddings....but Fall doesn't have to be just wool, sweaters and heavy coats (depending on where you live)  With our beautiful and feminine leg warmers, you are sure to keep the Romance in your style and Linen is perfect any time of year.

These Scarves are the perfect gift for men as well!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Betsy, the winner of our first give away!!!!

And the winner is....Betsy at COASTAL-COLORS  A truly lovely place to visit and she has so many wonderful ideas.  Right now she is making sweater pumpkins...pop over and say hello or congratulate her on being the winner of our first give away...I know I will be back again and again.  This stool is just a small sample of her creative talent.