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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lovely Ephemera

I WILL BE ADDING A NEW CATEGORY to the website today: Lovely Ephemera.  I have to admit, I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to this.  The first paper show I went to I was smitten.  Head-over-heels in LOVE.  I have used many images for my business over the years.  Sometimes it is just the fact that it is a token of love or endearment that makes me pick it up.  The penmanship....the written word...was so very different long ago.

The baby announcements are some of my favorites.  And early birthdays.
I have found entire albums FILLED with every photo, pressed flower, sentiment, 
every meal planned, doctor visit.....great detail.  I couldn't just let that sit there in the dust.

The sweet, sweet valentines from long ago.  They were so innocent.
                                 Antique Valentine's like these are my favorites.  little works of art.
                                 Die Cuts were used for scrapbooks long ago.  You find many complete
                                 scrapbooks as well.  cut-out articles, recipes, news of marriages,
                                  births, deaths.  I have so many that I have had to put most of them
                                   in collections.  Only the rarest ones will be sold individually.
TO ME, it is saving loving memories, history.  I hope you will find
some things that will take you back to a time of innocence and 
the propriety of the written word.  xoxooxxoo


  1. That sounds wonderful! I love vintage Valentines but never find any! Happy holidays!

  2. Hello Karen Eileen,
    Thank you for the kind words! Your collections of ephemera are wonderful! I love the baby announcements too, very sweet! I find it hard to resist these things when antiquing!

  3. These are all so lovely, you are very talented. What a joy visiting your page.
    Have a happy holiday and thank you for letting me visit.


Thank you for all of your Lovely comments. I have so much fun reading each and every one.