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Friday, September 28, 2012

Polished Look

History of cuff link fashion:

In one form of another, the cufflink, or 'sleeve button', has been a part of men's wardrobe's for over a millennium -- with royal families commissioning cufflinks to mark weddings or other special events for centuries and some historians noting the cufflinks' presence in ancient Egyptian paintings. 
But if there's a story to be told about the modern cufflinks and cuff styles prevalent in men's wardrobes today, it should certainly start with a mention of Alexandre Dumas' nineteenth century novel The Count of Monte-Cristo.  Nowhere else in the history of western literature will you find a story wherein the cuff of a man's sleeve receives so much attention, or has had such an affect on 'real-world' menswear. Specifically, fashion legend has it that the turned back, french cuff was born (for all intents and purposes) after french tailors read a description of one particularly pivotal character in the book ('Baron Danglars') -- a man whose presence sparked great envy when onlookers "gazed on the enormous diamond that glittered in his shirt, and the red ribbon that depended from his button-hole". So sumptuous and handsome a description was this, that tailors immediately recognized how outfitting french society with such details could distinguish their clients and add a new chapter to modern man's costume.

I love the polished look of cuff links.  They are becoming one of our favorite fashion accessories at the shop. 
These are our first pair listed, but I assure you, we have many more to list and are so excited to be able share them with you.  Fall is here and long-sleeved every day La-Dee-Da awaits.

These are in the Shop now.


  1. How does a red ribbon depend? I'll have to google that...

  2. I'm so glad that cuff links are coming back in fashion - and, they're great collectibles.


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