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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Every-Day Life for a Chicken

I have three Hens.  Sophie, Tess and Ruby.  They are a part of our family here at the Beach in Southern Calif.  We all know they lay eggs, poop a LOT.  (Well,  maybe you don't know because of all the blog photos out there showing them in T-cups and settling into some beautiful patio cushions).  What you might not know is how much they love affection.... here is my Sophie letting me hold her like a baby.  She loves having her tummy and feet rubbed.

 And here is Ruby taking a nice dust bath.  It is important to let them sun in an area they don't eat and use the ladies room...some nice, warm, clean dust does the trick every time....they lay on their sides and splash the dirt on each other and themselves...the dirt absorbs the oil to keep them clean.
 This is one of their favorite snacks.  Oatmeal, chopped fruit, dried fruit and their own eggshells crushed and cleaned for calcium....yummy!
 They also want to be invited to the party.  This was Sophie getting all of the attention on my mother in law's lap at a party we had at home recently.  People couldn't believe how calm she was and so content to be held.  She just looked around and chatted like all the other guests.... I love my girls.


  1. They are really cute - my dog loves his tummy rubbed too.

  2. Oh my how darling they are! And how wonderful that they love to be loved on like that! I don't think of chickens as being affectionate, but hey why wouldn't they be?....Makes me feel a little bad for eating so many of them now *gulps* Vanna

  3. Oh, I love your hens. My husband wants to live in the mountains and have hens, turkeys, and dogs. They must be very close to you for you to hold them like that. Thanks for letting us see pictures of your girls, they are wonderful.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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