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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When I tell people that I have chickens....the very FIRST, not second or third thing they say is:  "Where do you keep them?"   "Why a hen house, of course."  But they do come in the dining room sometimes, perch upon my small aviary attached to the outdoor wall, perhaps to keep the quail company....they enjoy the scraps of fresh veggies and fruits, and take a dust bath every day to maintain their shiny, beautiful feathers...

As you can see, my yard isn't large.  Quite small, but the main thing is that I do have a permit,  which you can get at your City Hall if you are allowed to have chickens... I found out that even though I live in a residential neighborhood at the beach, our ZIP code contains the horse stables and this area is permitted for 6 hens, a pig, a turkey and a certain number of small foul....I wouldn't dream of a pig or turkey though. 
   I have three hens (no roosters allowed) and I have had chickens for 10 years now.  They are not a lot of work...just a tending to every day.  I let them out to bathe and pick for bugs and sun in their favorite spots.  They love to be held and scratched under their wings and will fall asleep in your arms like a baby. 
   Mine lay the beautiful French Blue eggs every day...and Yes.  They are delicious!  I know so many people considering chickens.  Feel free to ask me any questions....I may not know everything but FYI:  my friends call me the "chicken whisperer."  


  1. Dear Karen! Thank you for following me!!!
    I am now following you, too!!!
    You know, I think we are allowed to have chickens in our city, too.
    I have thought of that, but I would never be able to kill them... SO I would have a bunch of old chickens pooping all over my backyard, LOL! I have tried to grow my veggies also, but gave up quickly. I have to try again. The zucchinis, mint and oregano were the only things I could use.
    I would love to have fresh eggs! Also, would the chickens get along with the dogs? Wouldn't my German Shepherd puppy kill them?
    I will be back to read more of your blog!

  2. Love your darling girls! We have kept hens until just recently. Three is really plenty and enjoyable. Glad to set you straight about NM! I'm a native, but SW style is not my number one favorite. :o) So nice you came by!

  3. I love your chickens ... Nathan and I were going to get chickens this spring. Problems came up with the roof so we have to get that replaced. Were hoping next spring we will be able to get them.
    Nathan is a huge bird lover. We look forward to having them:)Thanks for sharing this post!

  4. Your chickens are beautiful. My son and Daughter in law have chickens and they are so much fun to watch. And can't beat those fresh eggs.


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