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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Celebrity Shopping

Today I went to the Vintage Textile and Clothing show in Burbank, Calif.  Beautiful Day.  Near the Equestrian Center.  Wonderful, unique items and I always enjoy people watching, as there are always eager customers donned in their finest vintage wear looking to acquire new treasures....and then there were the celebrities, shopping elbow to elbow with us, digging through piles of antique gloves, and checking the waist sizes of the couture antique dresses.  We sat at a table with Tori's husband and he adoringly played with their infant, which couldn't have been more than 8 months old...and then we spotted poor Tori buzzing around on her scooter because she was very expecting another little one.  It was quite tight there as the day went on so I am sure she had a tough time getting around.  Then I spotted Rachel...wasn't sure it was her until I heard her voice....It was probably a typical day if you live in Hollywood, Studio City or Malibu, but here in the O.C. it's pretty much The Real Housewives or Coby Bryant.....not complaining, but we all get a little goofy when we see them, don't we?  Somehow we feel like we know them and they are just trying to go about their normal lives.  Probably the only person I would get flustered over would be Diane Keaton....I AM HER BIGGEST FAN!  Probably not a good thing to say after the movie Misery.....Maybe she will be there next time.  TOri was probably buying for her new shop in Sherman Oaks...InvenTORI....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Spent part of my afternoon in the Garden.  
My Best Girl, Nina is always certain to be one step behind me, whether in the ladies' room or garden.
Today was a beautiful day of edging, weeding and throwing a tennis ball in the yard.
She is my heart.   Just happy to be next to me.  How lucky am I?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rhinestone Confidence

I don't know about you, but something happens to me when I put on rhinestones, carry a bag covered or accentuated with them.... Even on a bad hair day.....I feel prettier.  More confident.  Ready to take on  whatever life throws my way....maybe just for a day.  It is real though.  Like Ruby Slippers that have the power to transport me anyplace my heart desires....

Jeans and Rhinestones.....saying that "I am comfortable and content, but elegance is never far away.....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This week I received an envelope from the Publishing House of Romantic Prairie Magazine.  I am awaiting their next issue to see my ad for my little shop......WELL....THIS came in the mail, as just a bonus and free of charge for the delay of my other ad....I am in this one too!

There is something surreal about seeing your ad in a magazine....they were kind enough to send a copy to my home.  I knew to get the FULL effect I would need to pick it up off the rack.  Off to Barnes & Noble I go.....I wanted to rush right up to it to reassure myself it was there....but I was calm and collected.  Browsed through a couple other ones first...and was like save the best for last.  There it was in all its glory.  I felt like my dreams were coming true in print.  I am so blessed to be able to do what I love and to create my own shop of treasures to share.  I will be posting a 20% discount code soon.  10 wasn't enough.  15 seemed too 'in between'  So I am going to put a number that would make me excited.  I hope you check back to have a peek at my site, as I am adding new things every day.   

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Better Late than Never.....It's been a year away, a month or two away and now a day away.....I will never be TOTALLY ready to say those words:  "Ta-Da.  We're open"  Still have to finish some touches here and there.  I know I have to work out the kinks.....I don't even know what my kinks are yet...but Faith it till you make it, right?

                                                    Whatever Is Lovely is open for business!

                      Our Favorite place to find things are from artists and designers that are
                                                            small businesses.
            We love the details of how something is made...where it came from....and choosing items
                                          that we would wear, give and treasure ourselves.    

                                       Hand-made candles made at a small bee farm in Idaho.
                            Our dream is to help support small businesses within our small business.
 We know the dedication and hard work that goes into your own work.  The small things that make it your passion.  We pride ourselves on buying products that are made or manufactured in the United States.  We also love things that are touched by time from all parts of the world.  Many of our old pieces come from Germany, Italy, France & England.  And a few of our new things as well.
                                       Our Exclusive card cases.  We love Tintypes and antiques.
                                        These are designed with antique tintypes and antique shoe buckles.
                                           Each one is truly a one of a kind.
                                   Antique Couture......Elegance of a time gone by, but lovingly restored.

These are a few of our favorite things...and now we are blessed to be able to share our collections and spread the joy that comes from living La Dee Da Every Day.   Please stop by my site and let me know what you think....this is our soft debut and it's all about buying, making, designing products that YOU will love and what to have in your home and give to those you love.   That is a business of bliss and I have one foot on the I go!
P.S.  I will be having a give away this week to celebrate.  A gift certificate for Whatever-is-Lovely.  LOVELY SHOPPING