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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A few of my favorite things

I bought a few of these infinity sweaters for myself....EVERYWHERE I went people asked me where I got it.  It is so practical and if you're extra cold you can wrap it twice, but for me, I love the way
it hangs so comfortably.  When I would wear it to football games I would wrap my hands up in it to keep them extra warm....taking more photos to put them up on my website.  Perfect for those Pre-Spring days when there is just a chill, but not cold enough for a full jacket.  Perfect for menopause when you get warm in an instant...ok...miserably hot....keeps your underarms cool too.  They will be up soon for a very reasonable price of 42.00.


  1. Hi Karen,

    I am so glad you came up to me at Launch your Creativity!Such a pleasure to meet you in person~~~blogging friend!

    I hope you were inspired~~~it was a very special day :)

    Kay Ellen

  2. I have been a BAAAAD Blogger of late...I am working hard on my website and inventory and all that goes with that..It was a pleasure to meet you too! Wonderful event!

  3. I've got some beautiful yarn that will make a lovely moebius sweater; thanks for the idea!


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