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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A few of my favorite things

I bought a few of these infinity sweaters for myself....EVERYWHERE I went people asked me where I got it.  It is so practical and if you're extra cold you can wrap it twice, but for me, I love the way
it hangs so comfortably.  When I would wear it to football games I would wrap my hands up in it to keep them extra warm....taking more photos to put them up on my website.  Perfect for those Pre-Spring days when there is just a chill, but not cold enough for a full jacket.  Perfect for menopause when you get warm in an instant...ok...miserably hot....keeps your underarms cool too.  They will be up soon for a very reasonable price of 42.00.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Puppy in the House

Meet our Nina

My surprise Birthday Present from my hubby.

Full of Curiosity and Mischief

Having her to hang around with all day helps in changing the way I look at things...
I love that when we are walking and a plane flies overhead she sits and watches it like a parade.

I love that she has to sit right at my feet, no matter where I am....the kitchen sink, the loo....

Slowing down sometimes has to be forced for me.  Truly enjoying the garden with her....even if her favorite thing to chew are my garden Crocs that I have to chase her around....and around for to get back.

We go for long walks and she is becoming a part of the whole family....but she is definitely my girl. xoxo