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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moments like these

 You love your kids.  You want the best for them.  You want them to achieve their own personal best.  This was one of those moments that you want your children to have in their life.  Whether it's singing at a concert, doing a dance routine.....just for once in their lives to hear people CHEERING for you, Clapping for you!!! A moment where everyone is truly happy in a few seconds or minutes that you gave them.....He's a senior.  Last football game.  They were losing (by a lot)  No touchdowns...and then this!!
 He will probably never be a college player. ...but for this ONE moment he was and knows he has it in him.  THey still lost, but after his touchdown the other team did not score a single point....watching the team hug, helmet slap and cheer him after was one of the happiest moments of my, he knows he can do it....which is the first step to doing anything and everything he wants.  Being a mother is hard....but there are times like this that you wouldn't trade for anything in the world.....because they are your world.