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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am a blessed woman.
   Today I received the wonderful News:

           Biopsy- NEGATIVE.  I have never had this worry before.
 I was frozen with fear and sadness while praying God would give me the strength and dignity to endure whatever came my way.....

Now, I feel like it truly is the first day of the rest of my life......All of the "what if's"  are being replaced by the "Just think...... of all I have to accomplish and how loved I am by all of those that prayed for me.....
                I am blessed.  Thankful.   Pondering.   Promising not to worry about the small stuff and to find gratitude and grace in every day.  xoxo  (This design is from my Baby Line that I used to have....but If it fit me...I would wear it today.)


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just trying to chill today while waiting for my dr. to call with Biopsy results.

  I am in  menopause with irregular bleeding.  Had to have ultrasound that showed some things so he ordered the ovarian cancer screening and then a biopsy of uterus.  One day you're thinking about what to make for dinner......the next... I've never even had an irregular pap so I am TRYING not to worry.......easier said than done.  But my house is really clean!
Finally, my sweet hubby got tired of watching me jump when the phone rang, and HE called my doctor....the results were there but the doctor wasn't.  Will find out tomorrow morning....feeling a bit nervous....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I adore Hand Embroidery. It reminds me of when I was little and my grandmother lived with us and embroidered all of our pillow cases. Some of which I still have.

I love the time and patience it takes and almost meditation. It is one of those things that is good for the soul and adds such a touch of love and memories to a home.

It is particularly hard to find one with such beautiful features and unusual subject matter. This was probably made to honor Amelia and her around the world flight. Beautiful lace enfolds the edges and gives it that beautiful antique finish.

These are some of my favorite things to collect, as I know that love went into them and I somehow feel like I am keeping that love going by giving it a home.....perhaps this is just the perfect one for yours? If so, skip over to my ETSY store and it is all yours.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Delightful Aunt Lillian

My AUNT LILLIAN is my inspiration and motivation as a woman. She is 93 years old, has style, grace and a great sense of humor. She lights up a room and is such a strong and positive person. I was blessed to be with her when my dear Uncle, her husband, passed away a few months ago at 98. It was just the three of us in that room and when he left her she lost the man she has been with since she was 15 years old and all she could do was thank him, sing to him, remind him of what a wonderful life they had together. I am so blessed to have been there and we are forever tied to that moment together and it was one of the greatest privileges I will ever know. She has lost two of her children, and their spouses in the last five years. Our family will never be the same with them gone, but seeing her strength and Joy for life gives me courage to face whatever lies ahead and I just pray God will give me the Grace that he has her when dark days come. Until then, she has taught me to dance in the light.

Friday, September 9, 2011

I adore words in a home.  It is like the soul or spirit of the place we love most.  I couldn't resist this beautiful piece in the most chippy, and stunning frame.  The embroidery is so sweet, and the best part is there is a final paragraph that I didn't ever hear..." If I should live for other days, I pray thee Lord to Guide my Ways"
I am sure many of you all remember saying this sweet prayer before bedtime.  I wish I had known about the happier ending then.  xo

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Little Things

 I just Adore Beautiful serving spoons.  Whenever I am entertaining, or even just a nice meal with friends and family, I love the extra~special touches that vintage serving ware adds to the table.  
To me, it is another way of saying how special they are and how much you enjoy serving them.  I have a servants heart and I know that one of the ways I show my love is through little things like this.  What ways do you have of reminding those we love how special they are when you sit down to a meal together?