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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ready. Set.....Almost Go!

Ok.  Inching closer to the web site launch.   Excited.  Scared.  Feeling like YIKES!!!   I am an INFANT at this.....
Jolia Jewels
Creating your business is bliss and at the same time a little like jumping off a cliff.  Sharing. Creating.  And the hope that what I love you will too!  These are an example of  one of the fun & unique lines I will carry:  Jody  Lyons is a New York Jewelry designer that I found at the L.A. Show and couldn't buy enough of!!!  Just Sayin.. whenever I wear any of her earrings I receive a lot of compliments.  You will too.  Stay tuned......

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  1. congrats on all of your new endeavors. The earrings are great. Can't wait for the next post and your site!!!


Thank you for all of your Lovely comments. I have so much fun reading each and every one.