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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Narrowing it down

I have such a love of vintage.

Before this new endeavor, I designed baby clothing with vintage elements.  My husband always said that if I had my way I would decorate the house like Mary Engelbreit's nursery.   So it was a good outlet for me....thus....I have a lot of things to sell like this little muff for girls.

I also have a huge love of hats.  I wear hats all the time and I guess people are surprised when I don't have one on.  Thus, another passion to share....So Vintage and Hats......bliss!
This shawl was one of my best finds. I was thinking of selling it on my Etsy store...but I do have a vintage fashion section on my new website so I think this will go there.....Isn't it incredible? Bats!  I have never seen any like this.

So while working on my website I am cleaning out a LOT of ephemera and Estate sale items to put on my Etsy store.  

Organization isn't my strongest point.  I'm a little scattered and that's how I work....working at home it's hard to focus on my work if there are dishes, the chicken house needs to be cleaned, dogs to walk, laundry to doesn't get done.  And throw in son's football games and forget about it.  I don't know if any of you have a hard time managing work at home....if so....and you have any suggestions...please feel free to share.  
(Except for the Shawl, these items are in my Etsy store right now --- minus the beautiful blue hat....just sold today.  

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