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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Emperor's New clothes.

Being a woman of middle age....I am beginning to think that the world has gone madd.  It doesn't help that I live in Orange County and happen to love to shop at Fashion Island, when having lunch al fresco means you can admire the parade of women who are sixty (not fooling anyone) and just looking like they are trying desperately to cling to their youth...while pushing their poodle in a stroller and wearing clothes they bought in the teen section.... Sure, I look in the mirror and notice things aren't the way they were 20 years ago.  So I get facials, use sunscreen, wear hats, eat well and try to get my beauty sleep..... I want to grow old gracefully and look good for MY AGE.... like Sally Field, Dianne Keaton..... not look like Barbie gone wrong.
Younger and Younger women are disfiguring themselves because this is becoming the "new look of beauty"  Orange skin, big lips, breasts that don't move, faces without expression.  Who is happy with that?  Whenever I visit small towns like Bend, Oregon (Where I secretly want to live), I think....YEAH!  Real women.  Women with style, grace and natural beauty...Honestly, it is getting to be so silly in California, and I am a true native that when I am 70 will look 70...with class, grace and my own face.

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  1. I came across this one Pinterest and had to see where it originated. This is so true, what you say. Its sad, really. I am only 27 but I look around me (in Indiana) and that's all I see. Maybe I don't see the implants and botox but the orange skin, too much make-up and fake hair. Makes me ashamed to be a woman sometimes. Yes, I wear make-up but tastefully. I am with you when you say you want to age gracefully. I say do away with the fake tans, overdone make up, plastics, botox, etc.


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