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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Delightful Aunt Lillian

My AUNT LILLIAN is my inspiration and motivation as a woman. She is 93 years old, has style, grace and a great sense of humor. She lights up a room and is such a strong and positive person. I was blessed to be with her when my dear Uncle, her husband, passed away a few months ago at 98. It was just the three of us in that room and when he left her she lost the man she has been with since she was 15 years old and all she could do was thank him, sing to him, remind him of what a wonderful life they had together. I am so blessed to have been there and we are forever tied to that moment together and it was one of the greatest privileges I will ever know. She has lost two of her children, and their spouses in the last five years. Our family will never be the same with them gone, but seeing her strength and Joy for life gives me courage to face whatever lies ahead and I just pray God will give me the Grace that he has her when dark days come. Until then, she has taught me to dance in the light.

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  1. My dear friend, unfortunately, when they leave our loved ones, it is very sad. But you're much stronger and so you always! Good Time!


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