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Monday, December 29, 2014

From the Beach to the Mountains

Toes in the blogging for quite a while...almost too much has changed to know where to begin...ever been there?  We moved to the country -- Sierra Mountains.  Me, hubby, and three doggies.  Just passed our one year anniversary here.  Love it.  Change is a funny thing though.... it can motivate, encourage and allow us a different perspective.  Life is slower here.  Simpler.  I met someone that told me she loves living here, because there is no dress code.  Coming from a beach community in Orange County, everyone here asks me if it was a good change.  YES!!  And this is just the beginning.

We live in a historic old Gold mining town.  So much history, culture, great food....and look who my neighbors are!  THese babies were born under my house, and this was taken a year, they come back with their mommy almost every day for a visit.  They do enjoy my plants and Spring we will build a fence in the back.  Well, off for now...just wanted to say hello and get started with sharing all that I love about my new town and life.

Monday, April 22, 2013

My Silly Animals

 What would we do without our furry family?  This is my biggest baby.  Her name is Nina.  She is almost two, and clearly thinks she is still a baby.  We live at the beach and take long walks at the wetlands, which is a wildlife preserve here.
 She want to be a lap doggie so badly.  It takes some effort, but she can do it.  I just can't handle it for very long, but she is my baby...
 Here she is with one of our little ones, Winnie. Nina is definitely the third party in the doggie chain.
                         Is this chair shrinking?  I could have sworn I fit the other day
 Heard barking in the garage….Nina managed to get herself stuck in the bike rack.  Not sure how to back out.  Silly Girl.
Here is my little hen Tess.  Before we adopted two sisters for her.  She is trying to cozy up with our doves in the aviary….She has her own little coop, but she clearly doesn't want to be all by her little self.  
There is never a day that I am not cheered by their shenanigans.  A life without animals wouldn't be nearly as wonderful.

Friday, April 19, 2013

A good day to relax.

Beautiful Day here in Southern Calif.  So very busy getting ready for move to the country.  I've been a city girl my whole life.  Excited about the change….will be posting some new products this weekend.  
I don't know about you….but I would much rather spend my time outside in my garden than inside.

Hanging out with my girls.  Here is Tessie taking a little dirt bath. So happy that my new home already has a little chicken condo for them.  Check back this weekend for new products that are so very special and lovely….I am back to blogging and will be trying to post every few days to share my story of city girl-- country bound!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chicken Life

I know that it has become popular to have chickens.  I happen to be a city girl with a farm heart (who will be moving to the country soon…more on that later), but I have managed to have hens the last 15 years.  I guess the first thing you think of are the beautiful, healthy eggs.  And that is true.  Look at the bright orange yolks!  They do taste better too!

 Chickens are really quite social as well.  Here, my eldest, Tessie, has marched in the house and is making herself at home.

 They actually are affectionate too in their own way.  Here is Sophie sitting on my Mother-in-Law's lap at a recent dinner at our home.  This was outside, and Sophie was soon passed around like a newborn.
 And even though it last only a minute….who can resist a baby chick.  They are so sweet. This last photo is of their favorite treats…It is crushed up eggshells (good for their calcium), oatmeal, dried fruit, chopped fruit, soybeans and flax seed.  They love it, next to watermelon rinds.  If you are considering hens, make sure to get at least two.  There are lots of books and magazines now that are helpful.   When I first got mine the only books I could find were on how to raise them to eat.  Now they are pets and family members.  More to come on City Girl moves to the Country in my next post to come soon….it is an adventure I have always wanted to have and now we can!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Awaiting labels for our wonderful, pure & Organic salt/sugar rub.  With the cold weather there isn't anything better for your skin than exfoliation and replenishment with pure, moisturizing Essential Oils.
As a licensed Esthetician,  I have searched far and wide for the perfect combination and knew that I could only beg the best end result if I purchased the best products and knew exactly the ingredients that go into a product.  This is the end result and we promise you, you will not be disappointed.
I combined the sugar and salt because there wasn't enough exfoliation with just sugar, and so much product went down the drain before you had a chance to benefit from the oils.  So we have made the perfect combination of both, together with pure coconut oil, emu oil, rose hip oil and grape seed oils as the carriers.  The fragrance will make it hard to get out of the shower...the perfect combination of Ginger and Bergamont oil.  We love natural, fresh fragrances from nature, not "bikini beach" or fruity and sweet..but soothing and organic.  Emu oil has been proven to be beneficial for mature skin and is seldom used in over-the-counter scrubs because of the cost.  
We will have it up very soon.  Don't miss the chance to feel how soft your skin will feel for hours after.  A lot of clients tell us they don't even need to use lotion.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year to all of my friends, old and new.  I look forward to beginnings.  It's like that first day of school: newly-sharpened pencils, new backpack, folders, dividers just waiting for subjects and all of the excitement that you can achieve whatever you want....the anticipation; paying attention to every detail.  Not wanting to miss a thing.  That is what today is.   As my little shop of love continues to grow I hope that I am able to bless you and your home with items that you will treasure for a very long time!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lovely Ephemera

I WILL BE ADDING A NEW CATEGORY to the website today: Lovely Ephemera.  I have to admit, I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to this.  The first paper show I went to I was smitten.  Head-over-heels in LOVE.  I have used many images for my business over the years.  Sometimes it is just the fact that it is a token of love or endearment that makes me pick it up.  The penmanship....the written word...was so very different long ago.

The baby announcements are some of my favorites.  And early birthdays.
I have found entire albums FILLED with every photo, pressed flower, sentiment, 
every meal planned, doctor visit.....great detail.  I couldn't just let that sit there in the dust.

The sweet, sweet valentines from long ago.  They were so innocent.
                                 Antique Valentine's like these are my favorites.  little works of art.
                                 Die Cuts were used for scrapbooks long ago.  You find many complete
                                 scrapbooks as well.  cut-out articles, recipes, news of marriages,
                                  births, deaths.  I have so many that I have had to put most of them
                                   in collections.  Only the rarest ones will be sold individually.
TO ME, it is saving loving memories, history.  I hope you will find
some things that will take you back to a time of innocence and 
the propriety of the written word.  xoxooxxoo